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Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law is one of the leading law firms in the UK truly dedicated to advising operators in all aspects of best practice, all responses to DVSA (formerly VOSA) and police contact, as well as representing road transport operators and their drivers in the criminal courts, at public inquiry and in appeals before the Upper Tribunal.

Our service is designed to offer fast, pro-active and effective solutions which genuinely meet the needs of those whom we represent.  Whatever your problem we will bring our extensive experience in the passenger transport and haulage industry to help you and your business.

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How to Solve the Driver Shortage Problem

In this article, Kevin McIvor, HR Consultant here at Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law, considers the driver shortage problem in the commercial vehicle industry and looks at ways in which operators can adapt their ways in order to attract and retain drivers.

According to a well-known proverb: "If it can't be cured it must be endured" which is a bit of reverse psychology because, apart from Fermat's last theorem, every problem has a solution. Another idiom states that "the definition of madness is to continue to do the same things but expect different results".

Everyone in the commercial transport industry seems to be talking about the driver shortage problem Read more>

Working Under the Domestic Drivers' Hours Rules

What are the domestic drivers' hours rules and when do they apply? Operators who cannot immediately answer these questions but run their operations assuming that the domestic rules do not apply to them should read on. Read more>

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Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law has over 30 years of experience of acting for road transport operators in the passenger industry and of advising and representing them in every aspect of thir business needs..


Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law has over 30 years of experience of acting for road transport operators in the road haulage industry and of representing them in every aspect of their business needs.

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Even within the road transport law specialty, private hire operations including 'small PSV' is a highly specialist area in which we have advised and represented operators over many years.